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Rare – Companion Study Guide


Learn to  practically apply God’s Word to   your life one truth at a time!

This  workbook  is designed to accompany your study of Rare and enhance your understanding and application of the principles discussed in the book.  It provides an opportunity to slow down and carefully digest the principles being learned. Sanctification is a slow process which requires time to understand, consider, and implement biblical truths. By working through the 24 weekly lessons, it will encourage careful contemplation and application of the Word. This study guide can be used for individual study, one-on-one discipleship, or group discussion.


Aspects of the study guide include:

  • Weekly reading assignments from Rare
  • Each lesson includes three short Assignments
  • Verse memorization
  • Key Questions for discussion
  • Heart Check to encourage self examination
  • A Put-off/Put-on chart with Scripture references to enhance application.

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