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Encouraging moms to love God and raise kids who love Him too.

 An in-depth biblical study on:

  • Understanding the Heart
  • A Child’s Greatest Need
  • Being a Christ-like Example
  • Being a Sensible Mother
  • Being a Loving Mother
  • Being a Faithful Mother
  • Being a Humble Mother
  • Speaking Words of Life
  • Instructing Your Children
  • Drawing Out Your Child’s Heart


Yvonne is an ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) certified biblical counselor. She uses her training to teach and disciple women at Grace Community Church in Maryville, Tennessee. She and her husband, Craig, have been joyfully married for over 30 years and have raised four happily married children.

Other Books by Yvonne …


Rare – A Young Woman Who Fears the Lord

Rare presents an in-depth Scriptural study on …

Guarding the Heart

Obstacles to Virtue

 The Fear of the Lord 

 Spiritual Disciplines



 Choosing a Husband 

Rare – Companion Study Guide

The companion study guide was created for group study and review.

The workbook is designed to accompany your study of Rare, enhancing your understanding and application of the principles found in the book. The study guide provides opportunty to slow down and carefully digest.

Sanctification is a slow process, requiring time to understand, consider, and implement biblical truth.

The companion study guide can be used for individual study, one-on-one discipleship, and/or group discussion.

The study guide includes weekly reading assignments, short lesson assignments, memorization, key questions, and encouragement to self-examination.


… more than qualified to teach and share biblical truth … This book is the best teaching I’ve read in a few decades and I will be sharing it with a group of young women in my life. 

– Amazon review

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